Grading Policies

  - A Grade - Flawless to very very near minor flaws to where its not noticeable and doesn't take away attention from the pin ex. small prick to no noticeable areas 


 -B Grade- Visible flaws to wobbly posts, scratches, marks on the overall pin, some dips that arrear on the pin or screen printing errors

Any and all errors on the back of the pin are not considered to be errors unless its the condition of the pin backs


All orders once processed are shipped using the United States Postal Service for any questions or concerns regarding a delivered product or the handling of your product during transit please refer to the USPS help section on their website: https://faq.usps.com/s/

*Pin_fin_Lol is not responsible for a damaged or stolen item while in USPS possession*


-Address Change- 

   Just email me or dm me on instagram to update your shipping address